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Make your payment of just 100k Shiba Inu to the address provided. Once it is confirmed by our processor, you will be placed in the system.

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Refer New Members

Once you get into the second level, spillover is possible. You will need to refer a minimum of two people to start earning with Shib Auto Profits.

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Earn Shiba Inu
Starting Today

Shiba Inu was created in August 2020, modeled off Dogecoin, another cryptocurrency, by the anonymous founder known as "Ryoshi. It has surged in October or 2021 and the talks of SHIBA INU hitting 1 penny has been widely discussed.

  • Our model is to earn Shiba Inu at a lower price and watch it rise.
  • You want to earn Shiba Inu from just a one time payment.
  • Our automation will pay our members on each downline member in their matrix.
  • Get reentries from cycling level 1 and levels 4-9.

Shiba Inu

to Currency Calculator

To find the price of SHIBA Inu or SHIBA Token, locate the ticker from the calculator below.

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ShibAutoProfits Opportunity

Starting with just 100k Shiba Inu, you can earn over 1 Billion SHIB in this fast moving payplan.

Earn 1,000 SHIB for each new member you refer into level 1 of our system.

Each matrix pays out on the bottom level of each matrix.

Level Price Partners Total Pay Pay Per Member Reentries
Level 1 100k 2 40,000 20,000 1
Level 2 150k 4 60,000 15,000 0
Level 3 200k 2 75,000 37,500 0
Level 4 300k 4 100,000 25,000 1
Level 5 900k 8 200,000 25,000 2
Level 6 7 Million 2 1,000,000 500,000 3
Level 7 13 Million 4 5,000,000 125,000 5
Level 8 44 Million 8 100,000,000 12,500,000 10
Level 9 250 Million 16 1 Billion SHIB 62,500,000 100

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